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A pampering for all the senses


“Food is one of life’s great pleasures, but for me it means much, much more: it is that element in which life, work and passion blend into a single dimension. My concept of cuisine starts from a strong connection with the territory and from simple ingredients which I try to enhance using traditional and modern techniques, transforming them into dishes that are beautiful to look at and good to eat. Cooking is a real art!

This is what I try to express in my alpine cuisine.

Tasting Menu

choose the menu that most inspires you and let yourself be guided in a tasting experience of colors, flavors and contrasts.

À la carte menu

a selection of our “alpine cuisine”. Choose and combine what most inspires you among starters, first and second courses, desserts and much more

wine list

We carefully choose the labels from our cellar, offering a wide selection of wines, from the most famous to the less-known.

Vegan Proposals

Our tradition, which we fully embrace within our alpine cuisine, is a tradition that also speaks of local raw materials at km 0, such as: milk, eggs, butter and also meat. Despite not wanting to leave what for us is deep-rooted part of our culture, from a few years, we have been approaching the world of vegan cuisine and we have integrated a dedicated menu into our proposal, which has found great response among our customers.