a la carte menù

Choose, combine, savor


Livigno bresaola “Santa” or carpaccio [10-14€]

Bresaola from Livigno from our trusted butcher

The Lumberjack’s Secrets: Valtellina Cured Meat Plate [12-16€]

Beef, pork and venison slinzega, local salami, lard, bresaola, local cheese, pickled vegetables and mushroom

Sciatt fried battered cheese balls with chicory and pear [12€]

Valtellina pizzoccheri in the traditional stone pot [13€]

Gluten-free pizzoccheri (on reservation) [15€]

Egg-Dough Tagliolini with porcini Mushroom [13€]

Manfrigole [12€]

local buckwheat pancakes filled with local cheese

Taragna or Straight Polenta

without cheese and butter made with Zamboni Mill flour
with venison meat [17€]
with local Alpine and Latteria cheese [13€]
with sautéed porcini mushroom [16€]


It’s like a pigeon, with pumpkin and blue cheese [23€]

Double-cooked pigeon breast, Bra sausage fillet; blue-veined goat “caviar” on Mantuan pumpkin cream

“Mottarello de la madunina” [20€]

Sliced veal shank croquette, mountain saffron sauce and “sour” gremolada jelly

Grandma’s garden [20€]

Zabaglione with parmesan, rye and black olives crumble, baby vegetables in osmosis of verbena, toasted yeast cream and pea shoots

Scallops Nuts [22€]

from the North Sea in a peanut butter crust, pan-fried wild spinach, umami and red Tropea onion petals

Pasta dishes

Veal, Apple and Radish [20€]

Ravioli stuffed with veal stew, radish in raspberry extract, juniper apple gel and crème fraiche sauce

Ebrezza di uno svarione in fienile [2o€]

“Riserva San Massimo” rice with “hay” broth, thyme cream, cranberry gel and marjoram powder

Fifty shades of… Taste! [22€]

Smoked spaghetti “Pastificio Verrigni” with beetroot purée, goat yogurt, lemon butter and Italian caviar

Fake Risotto [18€]

“Risoni” type pasta creamed with pea cream, marinated cuttlefish tagliolini and nebulized cuttlefish ink


The Shrimp Tripe [19€]

Marinated prawns on Roman-style veal tripe

Valtellina Ramen [19€]

Ox consommé, buckwheat crepe noodles, diced beef stew and wild egg

Red Velvet Soup [16€]

Red turnip soup, cream emulsion and bread wafer

Second Courses-Meat

The dark side of the deer [30€]

Venison cutlet breaded in burnt wheat and charcoal, sour cream, shallots in raspberry vinegar, blueberries and fresh baby spinach

Guinea fowl at sunset [28€]

Organic Bresse guinea fowl breast roularde with Colonnata lard pesto and its stock, aniseed carrot hummus, pumpkin mustard and polenta cube with Bitto cheese

“Tournedos Rossini” [35€]

Fassona medallion, foie gras escalope, Madeira reduction, flakes of black truffle in Bellavista and brioches bread

Crispy black pork [28€]

Belly of black alpine pig cooked at low temperature, its base flavored with rosemary, confit and “burnt” fennel
and black garlic cream

From the Gueridon

With sauces and side dishes by our chef: dish to share

Roast-deer by Antonio [da due 80€ – da quattro 160€]

Venison roast beef Wellington style with smoked mashed potatoes and buttered carrots with thyme

Côte de Boeuf [5 .5€ ogni 100gr]

Fiorentina [7€ ogni 100 gr]

With sauces and side dishes by our chef: dish to share

Various sizes, minimum weight about 1Kg

Second Courses-Fish

Octopus and potatoes 2.0 [26€]

Squid ink bun, octopus sausage, roasted potato mayonnaise, fig BBQ sauce and mountain mixed salad

Bluefin tuna from Favignana [28€]

aioli sauce red onion jam and grilled eggplant


Zabaione e gianduia [10€]

Gianduia cream, zabaglione ice cream, coffee crumble and praline hazelnuts

Stelvio burnt cream [8€]

Braulio caramelized cream, vanilla ice cream and meringues crumbles

Pears and chocolate, the new one! [10€]

Pear soufflé, 62% dark chocolate heart and Williams liqueur ice cream

AC/PT [8€]

Yogurt mousse from the Livigno dairy, coconut biscuit and Sicilian salted pistachio ice cream

Dessert Flambé [da 25€]

Crêpes Suzette

La boca l’è minga straca se la sè miga da vaca [10€]

Cheese desserts. Let yourself be guided in choosing between local, national and foreign cheeses.