a la carte menù

Choose, combine, savor


Livigno bresaola “Santa” or carpaccio [12-15€]

Bresaola from Livigno from our trusted butcher

The Lumberjack’s Secrets: Valtellina Cured Meat Plate [12-16€]

Beef, pork and venison slinzega, local salami, lard, bresaola, local cheese, pickled vegetables and mushroom

Sciatt fried battered cheese balls with chicory and pear [12€]

Valtellina pizzoccheri in the traditional stone pot [14€]

Gluten-free pizzoccheri (on reservation) [16€]

Egg-Dough Tagliolini with porcini Mushroom [13€]

Manfrigole [12€]

local buckwheat pancakes filled with local cheese

Taragna or Straight Polenta

without cheese and butter made with Zamboni Mill flour
with venison meat [17€]
with local Alpine and Latteria cheese [13€]
with sautéed porcini mushroom [16€]


Pigeon breast [25€]

foie gras creme brulè, green apple mayo and ‘burnt’ apricots

Smoked red turnip tartare [20€]

beurre blanc sauce, bay leaf oil, cherry gel, marinated yolk cream

Minced venison [25€]

mountain salad, wholemeal focaccia, crème fraìche and baked marrow

Scallop nuts from North Sea [23€]

in peanut butter crust, pan-fried ‘cugol’, umami and red tropea onion petals

Pasta dishes

Spaghetto [18€]

with yellow tomato, piccadilly tomato cream, cherry tomato powder, green bean and rocket emulsion, smoked ricotta snow

Risotto [2o€] – vegan

cooked in pea flower extraction, soft cashew nuts, mushroom speck and gold foil

Potato dumplings [18€]

sautéed in saffron cream, chopped white trout and its caviar, gremolada

Codfish [20€]

Savoy cabbage cream, caper powder and polenta mousse


The Shrimp Tripe [20€]

Marinated prawns on Roman-style veal tripe

Valtellina Ramen [19€]

Ox consommé, buckwheat crepe noodles, diced beef stew and wild egg

Fresh & fumè [16€]

Celery and ginger cream soup, bread croutons and smoked trout (gluten free on request)

Second Courses-Meat

Beef fillet [35€]

In porcini mushrooms breadcrumbs, Anna style potato millefeuille, balsamic vinegar shallots, ‘Grotta’ cheese and brown fondue

Roularde of guinea fowl breast from Bresse [30€]

caramelised figs in port reduction, grilled leek and nasturtium

Venison fillet [35€]

in walnut, chanterelle and juniper crust nettle flan, fermented cranberry sauce and mountain salad,

Must [35€]

Pre-salted Irish lamb chops in a pistachio crust mashed red turnip and grilled artichokes

From the Gueridon

With sauces and side dishes by our chef: dish to share

Roast-deer by Antonio [40€ a persona – min 2 persone]

Venison roast beef Wellington style with smoked mashed potatoes and buttered carrots with thyme

Côte de Boeuf [5 .5€ ogni 100gr]

Fiorentina [7€ ogni 100 gr]

With sauces and side dishes by our chef: dish to share

Various sizes, minimum weight about 1Kg

Crazy water Seabream – approximately 1kg [80€ – 2 persone]

Second Courses-Fish

Norvegian cod slice [26€]

puree of sea urchin and cardoncello mushroom

Octopus tentacle [26€]

tomato mayonnaise, Roman-style mashed beetroot, caramelised melon daiquiri


Mela, cannella e vaniglia [8€]

Bavarian cream with apple, cinnamon and vanilla, fiordilatte ice cream and biscuit

Sweet gazpacho 3.0 [9€]

White chocolate namelaka, mango marshmallow, wild strawberry sorbet and dried fruit wafer

Tirami-choux [8€]

Craquelin cream puffs with tiramisu foam, espresso and cocoa

Soufflè ai lamponi [10€]

Raspberry soufflé, filling, sorbet and crunchy raspberries

Tartelletta alla vaniglia [10€]

vanilla tartlet, mascarpone cream, fresh strawberries and strawberry gel

Dessert Flambé [da 25€]

Crêpes Suzette

La boca l’è minga straca se la sè miga da vaca [10€]

Cheese desserts. Let yourself be guided in choosing between local, national and foreign cheeses.